Rockford City Market

Hello Rockford City Market Vendors.

I know your busy at your booth. If I have given you my card at the Rockford City Market or met you at your place of business, Here's my deal to you. I am offering you a two hour video shoot with editing and license music rights for your website or Facebook page. Get this for the unbeliveable price of $699. This is no joke.

I am new to the Rockford area from Schaumburg but still shoot for my video clients in the Northwest Suburbs and Chicago. I live and do all my video editing here in Rockford.

I cut my teeth shooting wedding videos as early as the 80's. I know my equipment and what is needed for your video shoot. No need to over do it. I keep my cost and your cost low. I also edit each video and put it to music for your Website or Facebook page.  I shoot all my videos in 1080 HD with perfect audio.

On Fridays I shoot these interviews on my iphone from my T.V. at home here in Rockford. Then I go downtown to the Rockford City Market and say Hello to the vendors.

Im suprised at how many vendors don't have a working website or video on their websites. Maybe I can help. Yes, I do build and host websites at a very competive month to month no contract price.