This is Me. 

A small business owner for over 30 years. Now devoted to video production for the small business owner.



Let's face it who can afford a TV commerical? The video production alone is in the $2500 range if your lucky to find someone to shoot it for that low of a price. Then you have to run it on TV and that's not Free.  Self promotion is fairly inexpensive and we've all done somthing for our Website or Facebook page. This Is Where I Come In. I help you by shooting, editing and producing a professional business video.

With a couple of video cameras and sound equipment I can produce a 1080 HD promotional business video spot for you to use anywhere you like.

Just Think.

You get to tell your story.

How your business began.

What sets you apart from others.

Why costomers need your service.

How you make your product.

Why your customers love you.